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The Civil Services Exam is considered the most elite examination of the India after clearing which the person is inducted into all India Services(IAS,IPS) and the allied services viz.(IRS,IAAS etc.) which are presently 23 number in total. The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Pattern of the Examination The Examination is conducted… Read More »

Dropping a year for better career?

More than 15 lakhs engineers graduate every year in India. In CS/IT alone, the number soars above 2.5 Lakhs. While there are good number of engineering jobs, our technical universities do not give handy vocational training to our graduates. As a result, most engineering graduates are left without a job at the end of their… Read More »

Preparing for an Interview

To start with preparing for an interview start by Building a good base for pointers, structures and other data structures(linked list,stack,queues). To code a good question you need a good understanding of pointers. A book by Yashavant Kanetkar “Understanding Pointers in C” can be a good one for pointers. But not  just read the text… Read More »

Pathways to various career options

Studying abroad Get good GPA throughout Do active research and publish a research paper (2nd or 3rd year) Take GRE and TOEFL in 7th semester Apply abroad in November of 7th semester to each university of your choice Special skills on which need training: Good verbal section for GRE, and quantitative for GRE, TOEFL, coding… Read More »